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Parked Motorcycle Syndrome is getting the best of me…

Let’s rewind to a time before I was stricken with p.m.s. or parked motorcycle syndrome.

It was minutes away from midnight on December 31st when I was counting down the minutes with friends and colleagues in South Beach, Miami at a New Year’s Eve party. I had even tweeted “Whose ready for 2020?!” which ended up being on all the screens at the concert. Everyone was smiling and ready to take on the new year. Little did we know that it was going not going to be as great a year as we thought… And then it hit. Parked Motorcycle Syndrome.

2020 has hit people differently in many ways. From Covid-19 deaths, losing jobs, and the more materialistic things like traveling. For me, I’ve luckily only been affected in the travel and riding departments. It bothers me, all the same. I used to travel every few months, sometimes even weeks to races, events, and rides. Then, it all completely stopped. I’m surprised I’m still sane. 

Parked Motorcycle Syndrome

In March, I would have been at the supercross and flat track races in Daytona. April, I would have been in Austin for MotoGP. I usually fly to a few overseas races throughout the year. I usually attend EICMA in Milan, which is in November and it’s already been canceled. It’s a very weird feeling to not live and breathe motorcycles like I normally do. 

Parked Motorcycle Syndrome

Normally, I don’t ride as much in Florida because of the heat. The past few months, there’s been nothing but constant rain and thunderstorms. If not that, blazing sun. Blazing sun to the point that it’s not even enjoyable to ride. Most of the time you end up getting caught in a thunderstorm after getting a sunburn through your leathers. Even if I wanted to ride, it’s not as fun as it used to be. People are selling their bikes to pay bills and the ones who aren’t are either busy working more, scared to leave their home, or just don’t have it in them after being quarantined. 

Devy Ducati group ride

There are no group rides, meet up’s or local events. It’s really now just riding to ride, which is great if you live anywhere besides South Florida. The right place to be right now is in North Carolina with beautiful riding weather and absolutely amazing roads. 

I am grateful for the things I still have and the people I still have. Just like any other person, there are small things lost and are missed, and I miss that life. I miss seeing all my friends all over the world, ripping around towns in Italy, or whatever country I ended up in, and bonding with people who have as much a huge passion for motorsports, as I do. 

Parked Motorcycle Syndrome

One day, it will go back to normal. We will have places to ride, travel to different states and countries to all be together on two wheels. I cannot wait for that day. I’m sure you feel the same. Until then, stay sane my friends.

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