The Inside Line: Planning your trip to Austin for GP

It’s the greatest time of the year again – America’s GP. Many people from all over travel to Austin by plane, car or motorcycle.

I’ve traveled by plane, and by car. Coming from Florida is definitely a dreading road trip, so my preferred way is to fly and have someone bring my bike up. However, it doesn’t always work that way, but when it does, it’s party time!

Every year I’ve stayed in a hotel, but this time I will be staying in an Airbnb. I found that booking an Airbnb may make the stay extra special: more intimate and to get that real Austin feeling.

The track, Circuit of the Americas is not too far from the city center, however, you definitely don’t want to stay close to the track, although it seems pretty ideal.

Anything near the track is not as nice as you would get downtown besides being far from everything that is going on outside the track – events and all, so I suggest staying downtown and taking the short time to drive to COTA.

If you’re coming in a car, you will need to purchase parking passes quite ahead of time, as they do sell out. Just because you have a parking pass, doesn’t mean you are in P1, so it’s quite a hike. If you ride in on a Ducati, you have VIP treatment. You roll into Ducati Island, park your bike and boom, you’re right there. No painful walking or waiting in traffic. They even have gear check! So you can enjoy walking around comfortably without your clunky gear and bags.

In order to have that treatment, you will need to purchase Ducati Island tickets and be a Ducati Owners Club member to check your gear. Ticket packages start at $239 per ticket for 3 days, which includes Ducati Island parking, Turn 1 grandstand ticket, a Ducati Track Lap opportunity, Pit Lane Walk and the Zip Line! Which I think it’s pretty damn cool.

As for events, obviously, the Sportbikes Inc Magazine party on Friday night is a must! And here’s tons of other things going on! Do yourself a favor and research to see what will make your list of priorities because before you know it, the weekend is over!

Now… Who is ready for COTA? I sure am!

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