The Show: Mortagua Fighter’s “Disturbed Cadaver”

Carlos “Mortagua Fighter” Rodrigues’ latest creation to roll out of his Portuguese shop is called Disturbed Cadaver, a true one of a kind, custom creation.

To say that Carlos Rodrigues is a builder with vision it not saying enough. His custom motorcycles, that he builds under the moniker Mortagua Fighter are truly one-off custom-built machines. His latest creation to roll out of his Portuguese shop is called Disturbed Cadaver. Despite having a Suzuki GSXR 1100 as the base, there is nothing remotely that connects the finished build to its origins, save the engraved OEM Suzuki engine case cover.

The deconstruction of the base model and its restructuring is extreme, to say the least. The frame, the swingarm, the front suspension, the controls, all nonderivative of the stock bike. To be clear, this is not some bolt-on kit that was mass-produced and slapped on with a few wrenches. Carlos, builds his components by hand, including the bodywork.

The unique dual exhaust follows the angled, hard, aggressive lines of the machine. The paint job harmonizes with the profile, leading your eye from the nose to the tail. The gold details accent the bronze, black, and off-white colorways, creating a vibe reminiscent of the Steam Punk Movement.

The details in the front suspension and brake set up are just as intriguing as the overall motorcycle. A one-off mono fork suspension system is loaded with dual steering dampers while a dual caliper brake set up fortifies the Disturbing Cadaver’s stopping power to complement the beastly GSXR 1100 engine.

If you’re thinking that it’s just an expensive paperweight, you’re wrong. Carlos rides all of his bikes. It’s the best way to advertise your creations. Carlos is not just a bike builder. He’s an artist. Everything from concept to execution is a one-off. The Disturbed Cadaver represents an example of what a true custom motorcycle is. Design. Concept. Fabrication. Execution.

BIKE NAME: Disturbed Cadaver
WHEELS: Performance Machine Royal 2 Spinners.
SUSPENSION: Tabor Suspension.
CUSTOM/ONE OFF ACCESSORIES: Frame, monofork, swingarm, and exhaust were all handbuilt by Mortagua.
BUILT BY: Mortagua Fighter.
PAINT BY: Joe’s Garage.
OWNER: Carlos “Mortagua Fighter” Rodrigues

Images: Carlos Rodrigues

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