Voodoo’s Resurrected 1999 Suzuki Hayabusa.

Voodoo Custom Motorcycle Components restore a busted Busa and give it a new lease on life.

Words: Allan Lane//Images: Jesse Gordon

The act of resurrection is mostly reserved for discussions of all things legend or faith. Bringing something back from the grips of death, breathing new life into an entity is an uncanny act akin to a miracle. So what happens when one of the best custom bike builders in the world gets his hands
on a 1999 Suzuki Hayabusa that was an abandoned parts bike that sat over two years after it had racked up almost 60,000 miles? You have yourself an old-fashioned, straight up resurrection.

Robert Uecker and his team at Voodoo Custom Motorcycle Components took delivery of the 1999 Busa and literally revived it. The engine wasn’t running, no thanks to bad crank rods. Wooden screws were holding whatever was left of the rattle-can painted damaged fairings as they barely dangled from the scratched and dented frame. Robert recalls how the stock wheels were shaped like eggs. Alas, he is a man of vision. Where some would stop at what the bike was, Robert saw what it could be… A drag racing bike when it was time to do the business and a custom show bike when it was time to win the trophies. He would rework the engine. The fairing would be replaced. The individual components would be replaced, upgraded and improved upon down to the last detail. This would go far beyond a revitalization or a revamping. This was going to be taking something that was dead and making it alive in a manner that it never was. Robert reached out to his distributors an


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