Cardo systems backtalk edge

The Packtalk Edge

Cardo Systems elevated the communication bar when they released the Packtalk Bold… With the Packtalk Edge, they have revolutionized the game.

Helmet communication systems have become almost as essential as the helmet itself for today’s riders. With many options on the market today offering highly sought-after features such as hands-free functions, battery life and connectivity, Cardo Systems is the current frontrunner in the industry. And the new Packtalk Edge makes that indication clear.

The Cardo System Packtalk Edge is the pinnacle of the brand’s Packtalk line of communication systems, picking up from where the choice Packtalk Bold left off. The Edge is available as a single unit or as a set of two for $389.95 and $699.95, respectively.

The Packtalk Edge is completely redesigned. It’s smaller and slimmer offering a sleek profile that doesn’t jut out as much from the helmet. Gone is the flip-up antenna found on the Bold. The internal antenna of the Packtalk Edge keeps the unit on the lean side giving an overall clean look when mounted to the helmet. The waterproof unit measures 46mm by 84mm by 23mm and weighs 47 grams.

Mounting the Packtalk Edge can not get any simpler than snapping it into the magnetic Air Mount cradle that you install on your helmet. Once it’s secured in the cradle, you enjoy second-generation Dynamic Mesh Communications (DMC) that provides quick and easy pairing in Bluetooth mode. The Packtyalk Edge employs Bluetooth 5.2 technology that allows for “Live Intercom” support.

Hands-free functions for the Packtalk Bold have been improved with natural voice operations. Riders need only speak, “Hey Cardo…” followed by the accepted commands into the enhanced JBL noise-canceling microphone. JBL also delivers the audio via 40mm speakers.

Charging the unit is now done by a USB-C type connection which minimizes the amount of time required to charge the battery. You’re looking at 13 hours of talk time after 2 hours of charging. 20 minutes of charging yields 2 hours of talk time.

Cardo systems backtalk edge

Keeping the software and firmware of the Packtalk Edge current is now done over the air via the Cardo Connect smartphone app.

“The Packtalk Edge is the best communication device we have ever developed. With the ultimate audio performance in the industry, a novel Air Mount for rapid and secure attachment, and beautiful sleek, and clean design. The Packtalk Edge is a fantastic flagship to our extensive range of communicators. This latest offering is testament to Cardo’s three pillars – quality, purposeful innovation and user-first. Innovation is in our company DNA and we’re proud to translate that into a product for fellow motorcyclists.” – Alon Lumbroso, Chief Executive Officer, Cardo Systems.

Cardo systems backtalk edge

The Packtalk Edge will be available at your favorite authorized Cardo Systems retailer or directly from Cardo via their online retail shop. If you’ve wanted to scoop up a set of comms as the riding season commences, the Packtalk Edge is a premium option.

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