Featured Rider Nina Thoma

Featured Rider Nina Thoma


Featured Rider: Nina Thoma

Current city, state: Munich, Germany.

Number of years riding: 4 years.

Riding Style: Mainly track but also street, of course.

Featured Rider Nina Thoma

Your Current Bike/s: We have a few bikes. I mainly ride my Yamaha R6 Rj27 on the track and Triumph Daytona 675R on the street.

Occupation: Online Marketing Specialist.

Favorite mod/accessories on your bike: The LeoVince complete racing exhaust on my R6 for obvious reasons.

Featured Rider Nina Thoma

Favorite piece of riding gear: My Held Bikerfashion one piece leather suit. Saved me already twice and still holding on! 

Most memorable ride: My first time on Grobnik Circuit in Croatia. Iβ€˜ll never forget the feeling! 

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