SW-Motech DUSC

SW-Motech DUSC Case


Embark on your next adventure with the confidence that your gear is protected, organized, and easily accessible, thanks to the innovative design and unparalleled quality of the SW-Motech DUSC case. 

In motorcycle touring, the SW-Motech DUSC case stands out as a revolutionary luggage solution, blending durability with convenience for riders everywhere. Designed for the intrepid adventurer, the DUSC case is an ideal addition to any journey, promising ease of use, robust construction, and ample storage capacity. This case, available in 33-liter M-variant and 41-liter L-variant, ensures that whether you’re on a day trip or a more extended exploration, your belongings are secure, organized, and protected from the elements.

SW-Motech DUSC

With a focus on user experience and material excellence, the SW-Motech DUSC case distinguishes itself in the market. Its 41-liter L-variant is spacious enough to accommodate a full-face helmet, making it a versatile choice for solo rides or tours with a passenger. The case’s construction utilizes a blend of high-quality materials, including a rugged, scratch-resistant ABS shell and a sturdy aluminum frame, ensuring not only the safety of your belongings but also the longevity of the case itself. 

Mounting the DUSC L to your motorcycle is simple, thanks to its straightforward locking system that attaches securely to mounted retaining points on the rack. This simplicity in design does not compromise its reliability; extensive testing has demonstrated the DUSC’s ability to maintain its position on the carrier, even amidst the vibrations and shocks of off-road adventures. This resilience makes the SW-Motech DUSC case particularly suitable for various activities, from city commuting to the rigors of off-road touring.

SW-Motech DUSC

The DUSC’s features are thoughtfully designed with the rider’s needs in mind. The co-locking closure system ensures your belongings are safe, while the protective corners and convenient lashing points on the lid side enhance the case’s functionality. Integrated carrying handles offer easy transport off the bike, and the optional lock provides added security. Inside, optional integrated hooks allow for organized packing, ensuring your gear remains in place no matter the road’s challenges.

With options for both side and top case configurations, the SW-Motech DUSC case is as adaptable as it is durable. Its lightweight, waterproof design does not compromise capacity or security, offering riders a reliable luggage solution that stands the test of time and terrain.

SW-Motech DUSC


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