CFMOTO Ibex 450

CFMOTO Ibex 450 – First Look

The 2024 CFMOTO Ibex 450 features backcountry performance and wields the off-road thrill yet provides the practicality of daily rides.

The CFMOTO Ibex 450 is a call to adventure, a younger sibling to the Ibex 800 S and Ibex 800 T. Adventure enthusiasts and adventure curious are welcomed to explore the unexplored, powered by a robust 449cc engine that delivers 44 horsepower and 32.5 foot-pounds of torque for a ride that’s both compelling and smooth.

At the heart of the CFMOTO Ibex 450 lies a 449cc parallel twin-cylinder engine. This powerhouse offers the ideal blend of horsepower and torque, giving you the necessary strength to conquer steep inclines and challenging trails. The 270º crankshaft angle mimics the performance of a V-twin, providing a surge of low-end torque, while double counterbalances ensure a vibration-free ride, enhancing the overall experience.

CFMOTO Ibex 450

Ergonomics play a pivotal role in the design of the Ibex 450. With an adjustable windshield, handlebars, and an ADV-style seat, riders can tailor their setup for maximum comfort on long expeditions. The Chromoly steel frame balances stability and agility, making it as adept on asphalt as on rugged trails.

The suspension system of the Ibex 450, featuring KYB components, offers 8 inches of travel, adaptable damping, and preload adjustability, ensuring a ride that is as responsive as it is comfortable. Cross-spoke rims designed for impact resistance and tubeless tires add to the bike’s rugged appeal.

CFMOTO Ibex 450

CFMOTO has integrated cutting-edge technology into the Ibex 450, featuring a 5-inch curved TFT display for seamless connectivity. Over-the-air updates and USB Type-C charging add convenience, keeping systems current and devices charged. J.Juan brakes paired with Bosch ABS ensure superior stopping power and stability, crucial for the unpredictable terrains adventurers often encounter.

The CFMOTO Ibex 450 has an MSRP of $6499.00 and is available in Zephyr Blue and Tundra Grey.

CFMOTO Ibex 450

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