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Ruroc Atlas 3.0 Helmet

The UK helmet brand builds upon its Atlas helmet platform with the all-new and improved Ruroc Atlas 3.0 Helmet.

Based out of Gloucester in the United Kingdom, Ruroc leaped into the helmet market just over a decade ago. With several years under its belt, the company has made quite an impact in the last few years, applying pressure to other helmet manufacturers that cater to the street riding market. Two moto-helmets models were released to the market: the Berserker and the Atlas, both materialized from carbon fiber. The Berserker maintains a motocross-inspired look, to be used with goggles. However, the Atlas platform is uniquely designed to protect and perform today’s street riders. Ruroc has released two versions of the Atlas, beginning with the 1.0 and the 2.0. Progression proved to have the latter hosting a number of improvements over its predecessor. And now, Ruroc is poised to release its latest rendition of the Atlas helmet… The Ruroc Atlas 3.0.

ruroc atlas

The Ruroc Atlas 3.0 is host to a bevy of upgrades and refinements to the Atlas platform. Starting with its style, the Atlas 3.0 is engineered to offer the rider comfort and protection, using the latest technology to create a helmet that looks like no other on the market today. The light yet strong T-300 carbon fiber is used in the Atlas 3.0 shell construction allowing the Atlas 3.0 to tip the scales at only 3.09 pounds. The carbon fiber shell is available in three sizes to secure a proper fit for riders of various head sizes.

Optical visibility, being able to see as much road as possible is always a highly desired asset for any rider in a helmet. With this said, the Ruroc Atlas 3.0 provides an ample field of vision that coincides with its new edge-to-edge visor. The new visor has a demist position to minimize fogging. This allows the visor to rest in a specific position to allow just enough airflow in to assist in keeping your visor fog-free.

When you need to keep out the wind and rain, the visor of the Atlas 3.0 seals into place with a new locking mechanism. Where the Atlas 1.0 and 2.0 employed a locking pin with a small hole in the visor, the 3.0’s new visor is a solid piece of material that is locked in place via a polycarbonate locker. An added benefit to this effective method of sealing is an impressive about of quiet inside the Atlas 3.0.

Inside the Atlas 3.0, you will find a completely redesigned premium helmet liner and cheek pad system. Evaporation and transfer of internal moisture are made possible thanks to a polyamide and polyester material composition. In the event of an emergency, the cheek pads can be released for a safer process of helmet removal.

ruroc atlas
An ample field of vision that coincides with its new edge-to-edge visor
ruroc atlas
Ruroc’s Shockwave Audio System…
ruroc atlas
The carbon fiber shell is available in three sizes…

Ruroc also makes their own BlueTooth communication and audio system, the Shockwave. It’s an optional accessory that the new Atlas 3.0 has been designed to seamlessly fit at the base of the neck, thanks to integrated cable routing and magnetic fitment. The Shockwave, itself has been improved from its predecessor with larger function buttons that can be manipulated without the removal of your gloves. 

The Ruroc Atlas 3.0 will be offered in sixteen color options and nine new visor colors. The Atlas 3.0 will be available beginning Friday, March 26, 2021.

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