Indian Challenger – A new American Cruiser

122 horses, smart-lean technology, “long haul” comfort features… Challenge accepted.

Indian has released details on its new bagger, the Challenger, in three platforms: Challenger (MSRP $21,999), Challenger Dark Horse (MSRP starting at $27,499), and Challenger Limited (MSRP starting at $27,999). Its namesake evokes a slamming down of the gauntlet directly at Indian’s would-be rival, Harley.

Head-on, the Challenger’s front-end, makes you take notice of its aggressively styled upper front fairing, adjustable windscreen, LED running lights, and central headlight.

The Challenger is powered by the 60 degree V Twin, 1768cc PowerPlus engine with a horsepower output of 122 and 128 foot-pounds of torque. The bike’s 19-inch front and 16-inch wheels are fitted with Metzler Cruisetec tires that offer durable stability and high performance. The front and rear ABS braking setup are equipped with radially mounted Brembo calipers and dual 320mm floating rotors in the front and a single 298mm rotor at the rear.

Indian Challenger
Indian’s 2020 Challenger is powered by a 1768cc PowerPlus engine with a horsepower output of 122 and 128 foot-pounds of torque.

With Polaris’ Ride Command installed with a 7-inch screen, the Challenger offers a host of bells and whistles to complement the overall ride experience: BlueTooth connectivity, USB ports, glove touch technology, turn by turn navigation, 100-watt audio system and more.

Very notable is the Challenger’s smart-lean tech. In essence, it works the same as cornering ABS thanks to an installed Bosch IMU that incorporates cornering control, dynamic traction control, and drag torque control.

Indian Challenger
The Challenger Dark Horse and Challenger Limited.

To celebrate the arrival of the Challenger, Indian has also released a bevy of factory accessories so you can make your Challenger more of your own, along with a line of lifestyle apparel.

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