Featured Rider Kimberly Truong

Featured Rider Kimberly Truong

Featured Rider: Kimberly Truong

Current city, state: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Number of years riding: Coming up to three years.

Featured Rider Kimberly Truong

Riding Style: Mostly street with only one track day under my belt. Hoping to get more track time this coming season!

Your Current Bike/s: 2017 Suzuki GSXR 1000R and a 2009 Suzuki GSXR 750.

Occupation: Program Coordinator.

Favorite mod/accessories on your bike: Sounds funny but I like the sock cover I use for the brake reservoir. Just something unique and adds a personal touch to the bike.

Featured Rider Kimberly Truong

Favorite piece of riding gear: My Arai RX7! Cannot find another helmet with a better design than the Nakagami 2.

Most memorable ride: It was just this past season. Realizing that I was ready for the next step of learning and to upgrade to a new bike. Nothing beats a spirited ride on our local S2SGP.

Featured Rider Kimberly Truong

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