EBR Motorcycles return to production, kind of…

Bill Melvins revives the American made EBR 1190 Superbike.

Words: Allan Lane//Images: EBR 

EBR Motorcycles has announced that they will begin a limited production run of the EBR 1190 superbike. EBR will focus on building by hand “specialized and performance” bikes. The EBR 1190 is known by its undeniable design aspects that include an aluminum frame incorporated fuel tank, wheel sized front brake rotors accompanied by a pair of 8 piston inside-out calipers, and its handbuilt, 1190cc v twin, fuel injected 185hp engine. Prices will be based upon each build’s level of performance upgrades and customizations.

“We are going to keep the iconic brand in production with specialized and performance builds. The approach is to keep it boutique and high performance driven, ala Bugatti, Koenigsegg, or Lotus,” Bill Melvin – Owner, EBR Motorcycles.

EBR Motorcycles, an American motorcycle manufacturer was founded by Erik Buell in 2010. Bill Melvin acquired the company in 2016 before the mass production of the EBR model lineup ended in 2017. Melvin moved production from East Falls, Wisconsin to Grand Rapids, Michigan, while maintaining operations in East Falls to fulfill parts orders from dealers and owners.

Bill Melvins – Owner, EBR Motorcycles.

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