Improve Your Skills: 5 Keys to Successful Rain Riding


For many people who ride the racetrack, it’s a four-letter word that rivals old age and taxes. Sooner or later it will be something you have to deal with. However, like many things in life, if you adopt the right attitude then riding in the rain can actually be fun.  Wait, did I actually say “rain” and “fun” in the same sentence?  Yes, and more importantly, it can be a fantastic learning tool.  Now, I’m not talking about 38 degrees April rain – not even the most sadistic rider can enjoy that – but riding a motorcycle on a wet track can be a good time (especially with rain tires). 

Now, before you cancel your subscription and use this article for your new origami hobby, take a moment to open your mind.  If you think that you can benefit from learning better body position and smoother control inputs, rain can be a fantastic teacher.  If you think that to spending less time on the edge of the tire can shave seconds off of your lap time, or that learning to let the bike move around underneath you help you gain confidence, then consider getting yourself a set of rain tires and looking forward to the next summer shower.  Often, all it takes is a little bit of knowledge and a positive attitude, and you’ll be on your way!


Images: Brian J. Nelson,

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