Dunlop’s first tire designed for the drag strip

The Dunlop Dragmax is a rear radial tire that is engineered for the straight line.

Dunlop has announced its all-new tire, the Dragmax. The Dragmax is not a new profile, rather it is a completely new product for Dunlop created to address the needs of today’s pro and amateur drag racers. The softer compound Dragmax is sized at 190/50ZR17 and features Dunlop’s N-TEC that combines the benefits of cut-breaker construction (increased stiffness) with continuously wound jointless treas construction (maximum feel and stability). This combo, in addition to the Dragmax’s wider and flatter profile, allows for a greater contact patch at a lower tire pressure for maximum traction.

The Dunlop Dragmax is distributed exclusively by DME Racing and has an MSRP of $269.99.

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