2022 Suzuki GSX-S1000

2022 Suzuki GSX-S1000 – First Look


Refined. Sportier. More aggressive. More attitude. Suzuki unveils its 2022 GSX-S1000.

The 2022 Suzuki GSX-S1000 is ready to take it to the streets. Armed with more power, striking new looks, and new technology, the 2022 GSX-S1000 returns to the naked sportbike fold with a vengeance.

The 2022 GSX-S1000 employs the engine fundamentals of the GSX-R 1000 engine, housed in a lightweight twin-spar aluminum frame. The new engine offers an increase in horsepower and overall engine performance when compared to its predecessor. The 999cc, four-stroke, DOHC, liquid-cooled, inline four-cylinder engine is highlighted by new camshaft profiles and new valve springs, improved cam chain tensioner and adjuster, FEM (final element method) aluminum pistons and new ride by wire electronic throttle bodies.

2022 Suzuki GSX-S1000

Suspension and braking duties are in good hands with fully adjustable KYB 43mm forks and Brembo 4 piston radial-mounted calipers with twin 310mm discs on the front end. At the rear, the GSX-S1000 employs a single, easy-to-adjust shock connected to the same swingarm as the GSX-R1000 and a single Nissin brake setup with a 240mm rotor. These factors, along with a curb weight of 472 pounds, contribute heavily to the new GSX-S1000’s ease of rideability, handling, and agility.

The GSX-S1000 is fitted with TRP six-spoke lightweight cast-aluminum wheels that operate on Dunlop’s new Roadsport 2 radial tires.

A new exhaust system for the 2022 Suzuki GSX-S1000 tucks a redesigned mid chamber behind the header pipes, with a second catalytic converter that lowers the center of gravity while delivering a boost in the low to mid-range revs. The flow from the mid chamber to the new muffler is managed by the SET (Suzuki Exhaust Tuning) valve.

The 2022 Suzuki GSX-S1000 utilizes a six-speed, close-ratio gearbox that features staggered shafts. There is a new rotary sensor that transmits movement data to the ECM for an improved response from the bi-directional quick-shift system to the rider’s input. The new GSX-S1000 also gets the most current edition of the SCAS (Suzuki Clutch Assist System) that increases plate pressure under acceleration but also acts as a slipper clutch when braking.

The Suzuki Intelligent Ride System (SIRS) provides the 2022 GSX-S1000 with a three-mode (Active, Basic, and Comfort) drive selector, a five-mode advanced traction control system as well as easy start and low RPM assist systems. The electronic suite continues with an oil-cooled, three-phased charging system for the factory-installed maintenance-free battery. Then there is the Computer Area Network (CAN) wiring harness that doubles an info network, allowing the GSX-S1000’s sensors and microcontrollers to be in direct communication with one another.

A high visibility LCD dash is centered at the handlebars, displaying all pertinent ride and motorcycle information. It also presents related info from the Suzuki Intelligent Ride System. Handlebar switches allow you to manipulate ride modes, data displayed, in addition to the expected standard switch functions.

2022 Suzuki GSX-S1000

In the style department, this GSX-S1000 is operating on a completely new vibe. The body line work has been refined, hardened, and sharpened. The bike’s newly aggressive stance is a case study in form and function. The new fuel tank now holds 5 gallons of petro. That’s half-gallon more than prior models. A new lower seat at 31.9 inches lends to the new ergonomics for rider comfort and durability on longer commutes but still retaining a sporty attack riding position. Broad shoulders with sculpted lines connect the rider to the bike with confidence. A new matte black tapered cast aluminum handlebar is .90 inches wider with an upward rotation create an upright riding position.

And yes, everyone is now on the winglet train. It seems now that it is more about how well you can disguise your winglets. The 2022 Suzuki GSX-S100 does an impressive job at it by blending the fuel tank cowling and the radiator shrouds where the winglets are mounted.

Perhaps most notable is the new vertically stacked LED headlight assembly that creates a new face for the GSX-S1000. The headlights are topped with a single LED position light. The LED lighting tech continues with the thin front and rear turn signals and a flat rear combo tail and brake light.

The 2022 Suzuki GSX-S1000 is offered in three color options: Metallic Triton Blue, Metallic Matte Mechanical Gray, and Glass Sparkle Black. The 2022 Suzuki GSX-S1000 is scheduled to arrive in Suzuki dealerships in the Fall of 2021.


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