Yamaha advances with the new Niken GT.

The 2019 Niken GT is ready for touring and longer rides.

Words: Allan Lane//Images: Yamaha

Yamaha’s three-wheeled motorcycle offers more contact patch and grip to the asphalt making it a superb selection for a variety of riding conditions. The Niken GT is equipped with components that make it functional and practical for longer distances. For protection from the elements and aerodynamics, the Niken’s touring windscreen is taller and wider. The seat is designed for the sport touring experience, offering comfort for both the rider and passenger. Storage capabilities are thanks to a pair of quick release 25 liter ABS side cases. Further rider comforts include heated hand grips, LCD data display, 12-volt power outlet, a fitted center stand, and cruise control.

The Niken GT, like the Niken, is cable of deep lean angles, maxing out at 45 degrees. Utilizing Ackerman steering geometry, the Niken suspension features double upside front forks and a fully adjustable rear shock. The three-cylinder liquid cooled DOHC CP3 engine has an output of 847cc, housed in a hybrid steel and aluminum frame.

The 2019 Yamaha Niken GT will have a matte phantom blue colorway with an MSRP of $17,299, with a limited availability via Yamaha’s online reservation system.

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