The Quail

It isn’t just about the birds…

Every imaginable two wheel airhead, boxer, Honda, dirt bike and classic all on a nicely kept soft green lawn made for golfing came together on May 4th for the Quail Motorcycle Gathering. Now in its 11th year, it has become a must-attend annual event that is held at the Quail Lodge and Golf Club just a few miles outside the coastal town of Carmel, in California.

It has become an important industry gathering, with photographers and editors from all the various US motorcycle magazines, and some from Europe and further afar, along with representatives from major motorcycle manufacturers and aftermarket suppliers, parts, accessories, and clothing.

The event itself is exceptionally laid back, starting at 10 am and finishing later on the same day, and even though I arrived a little after 10:30 am, there were plenty of motorcycles lining Valley Greens Road that runs along the outside of the clubhouse and exhibition area. There is a motorcycle gear valet check, and your entrance fees include a well-catered lunch.


Images: Andrew Wheeler, Cory Burns, Paulo Rosas

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