SBI’s Featured Rider of the Month

New Zealand’s Amber AKA Chaotic Blonde Wagner.

Name: Amber AKA Chaotic Blonde

City, state: Auckland, New Zealand

Number of years riding:Β 20 months street, 12 months track.

Street, strip, track or stunt: Street and track.

Your Current Bike/s: 2018 Kawasaki Ninja 400 KRT Edition.

Occupation: Sales Executive.

Favorite modification on bike: Probably my Musarri Exhaust and my R&G Crash Protection Kit! Who doesn’t love an exhaust that pops and crackles on every shift.

Favorite piece of riding gear:Β My Shoei NXR/RF1200 Seduction Helmet. One of a kind in down-under New Zealand and really represents my style.

Most memorable ride: I’ve had some amazing rides on track and street, but the one that stands out the most would have to be the second time I hit the track in September of 2018. I decided to step up a group on my Ninja 400 and run with the “big boys” and man! Did I have a new found appreciation for the “Little Ninja that could.” She kept up with the 600s around every corner, and I was absolutely grinning ear to ear when the day came to an end.

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