Truly hands-free communication is here, thanks to Cardo Systems’ new PACKTALK BOLD and SLIM.

The PACKTALK BOLD and SLIM are the first “natural voice command” operated motorcycle communications systems for riders.

Cardo Systems’ wireless motorcycle communication PACKTALK system has arrived at the next stage with the arrival of the new PACKTALK BOLD system. Using Cardo’s Dynamic Mesh Communication technology, PACKTALK BOLD now offer riders the first natural voice command system along the same lines as the iPhone’s Siri or OK Google voice prompt platforms. Gone are the days of fiddling with buttons on the side of your helmet or incessantly screaming inside of your lid to activate or respond to your unit. Riders only have to say, “Hey Cardo” and the ever-ready PACKTALK BOLD system is engaged. If you’re looking for a less obvious unit, Cardo has also delivered their PACKTALK SLIM. The PACKTALK SLIM offers the same features, bells, and whistles as the PACKTALK BOLD, yet is contained in a smaller, slimmer and thinner unit. The BOLD and the SLIM offer the coveted automatic volume control (volume increases with speed), smart intercom and music mixing, rider to passenger audio sharing, FM radio and an impressive 13 hours of talk time.

Cardo System’s new PACKTALK BOLD.

Both the BOLD and SLIM operate link via Bluetooth 4.1 to mobile and smart devices as well as other Bluetooth communicators, are completely waterproof and ship with a two-year warranty. A single unit of wither the BOLD or SLIM will cost you $329.95 while a set of two has a price tag of $579.95.

Cardo System’s new PACKTALK SLIM.

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