ninjabraap featured rider

Featured Rider NinjaBraap

Featured Rider: NinjaBraap

Current city, state: Long Beach, California

Number of years riding: 8 years.

Street, strip, track or stunt: For the last 4 years, I’ve ridden and/or raced 28 days on 12 different road race and/or kart tracks on the West Coast with various groups. In 2017, I achieved my novice race license with OMRRA, and raced through 2018 on a 2012 Ninja 250 at Portland International Raceway and The Ridge Motorsports Park.

Your Current Bike/s: Currently, I own a 2016 Yamaha YZF-R3 and a 2006 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R (636) that I’ve rebuilt from the ground up.

Occupation: Motorcycle Mechanic, Owner of Imperial Bikes, LLC.

Favorite mod/accessories on your bike: When it comes to building a bike, it’s hard to narrow down a specific part or mod that’s my favorite, especially having owned so many motorcycles over the years. However, I’d have to say that when it comes to modding and upgrading, suspension is the most important thing I focus on. On a completely stock bike, if suspension isn’t tuned to you as a rider, and doesn’t allow for full optimization including compression and rebound damping, you’ll never truly be in sync with your motorcycle, which will affect your lap times.

ninjabraap featured rider

Favorite piece of riding gear:  I have two favorites. First, my custom leather track suit from Comet Racing Leathers is the best suit I’ve owned to date. I was able to completely design the color scheme, and add my own custom logos. When I low sided on the last lap of one of my races, it held up great, and only damaged the graphics on it. Minimal tears or wearing through, and I’ve been riding on track with it for 3 years now. The second thing that I value the most is my HJC RPHA 11 Pro helmet, which made a world of difference being comfortable while still being able to clearly see around tight or long corners on track. Even in 100 plus degree weather, I can breath easy, and it doesn’t fog up in cold weather either.

Most memorable ride: My most memorable riding experience was being able to ride on track and corner work for an entire week with California Superbike School up at The Ridge Motorsports Park in Shelton, Washington. My friend, Kumpy Kump of Kump Racing Service contacted me needing workers, so I drove my E450 bus that was my mobile workshop at the time up to Shelton. As payment for being corner marshals for CSBK School, we had the opportunity to ride between sessions like a normal trackday every day. To top it off I rode a full track day at the very end with MotoFit Group, the track org I did my first track day with, making it a full week of riding on track. Thank you so much again for contacting me for a feature, and hope to hear back from you!

ninjabraap featured rider

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