Energica Motorcycles Enter New Sales Markets


Energica has made a huge move in the electric motorcycle market, with their products set to be sold across Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

Delivery of the first orders will commence at the beginning of 2023. Japan is especially important for Energica given that it is home to 10.3 million two-wheel vehicles as well as 83,000 motorcycles over 250cc which have already been sold in 2021 alone. The demand for EVs in Japan continues to expand explosively due largely to government regulations on vehicle emissions but also thanks to an ever-growing EV charging infrastructure.

To appeal to Japan’s motorcycle fans, Energica is swiftly searching for an advantageous gap in the 250 cc category that has recently been filled by established OEMs with high-performance electric motorcycles.

In the Land Down Under, Electric Motor Co. Australia and Energica have joined forces to bring a superior selection of electric motorcycles to the Australian and New Zealand markets – two countries that saw an all-time high in motorcycle sales last year with over 100,000 new units purchased.

Since the Fall of 2022, Energica has expanded its network by adding 12 more sales points throughout Europe and Asia Pacific. This surge in growth brings their total number of dealerships up to 130, globally. Additionally, year-to-date sales have improved by 78% when compared to last year’s figures. The reason for such growth in a considerably short period could be linked to the launch of their latest product, the Energica Green Tourer Experia which boasts an incredible backlog due to high demand from customers.

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