DRE Academy 2024

DRE Academy 2024 Unveils Comprehensive Riding Programs


The DRE Academy 2024 experience offers expert training, unique experiences on amazing circuits, and rides with champions.

The DRE Academy 2024 promises to offer riders a unique and unforgettable experience to learn and excel in their riding skills. The program will feature skilled instructors, Ducati’s legendary motorcycles, and some of the most stunning tracks in the world. It’s not just a training program; it’s a journey into the heart of motorcycle passion, tailor-made for different skill levels and interests.

Whether you’re looking to master safe riding techniques, make a track debut, or indulge in the exclusive “One to One” sessions with Panigale V4 S, V4 R, and Superleggera V4, the DRE Academy 2024 is committed to providing an unmatched experience for enthusiasts. You can find detailed information and registration for the 2024 events on the Ducati.com website, which offers a glimpse into the exciting lineup of courses.

DRE Academy 2024

The program is set to start with the DRE Road and DRE Rookie stages at the Modena Autodrome on May 18-19, catering to riders at different stages of their journey, from beginners to those ready for more advanced challenges. The DRE Racetrack events, including the exclusive “One to One” programs, are scheduled for June 18-19 and September 25-26 at the Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli, promising an intense track experience.

Ducati’s commitment to expanding its program is evident in the DRE Track Warm-Up, which is scheduled for September 14-15 at the Modena Autodrome. This course focuses on riders who are new to circuit riding and emphasizes the correct riding position, braking, and acceleration techniques.

DRE Academy 2024

The DRE Academy 2024 also features the DRE Racetrack, which is tailored for riders with track experience. It’s divided into various courses based on skill level: Track Evo, Track Evo2, and Track Master, each offering a unique challenge. Participants will have the opportunity to ride different models from the Ducati Panigale family, ensuring an experience that’s both challenging and exhilarating. One of the standout features of the DRE Racetrack is the “One to One” courses, designed for those seeking a highly personalized and professional experience. These courses offer direct interaction with instructors, individual garage positions, Open Pit access, and detailed debriefs after each session.

DRE Academy 2024

In addition to the above offerings, the DRE Academy 2024 also includes the DRE Road and DRE Rookie at the Modena Autodrome. The DRE Road is perfect for motorcyclists looking to test Ducati’s range, including the latest models like the DesertX Rally and the Hypermotard 698 Mono. The DRE Rookie is specially designed for young motorcyclists aged 18 to 24, focusing on advanced riding techniques.

To learn more about the diverse and comprehensive program and register, visitย here…

DRE Academy 2024


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