Diavel V4 Adjustable Windscreen

Diavel V4 Adjustable Windscreen from Puig


Enhanced aerodynamics meets style with the Puig New Generation Adjustable Windscreen for the Ducati Diavel V4.

The core functionality of the Puig New Generation Adjustable Windscreen for the Diavel V4 lies in its adaptability. Riders can manually adjust the windscreen using a simple knob mechanism, ensuring optimal aerodynamic protection at any moment of the ride. This flexibility is crucial, allowing riders to tailor their wind protection based on speed, weather conditions, or personal preference, all without the need for tools.

Installation of the windscreen is straightforward. It is mounted with lightweight yet sturdy metal supports that have undergone anti-corrosion treatment, ensuring resilience against friction and harsh weather conditions. The mount’s design specifically complements the muscular contours of the Diavel V4, making it appear as an integral part of the bike rather than an afterthought.

The windscreen significantly enhances the rider’s comfort by diverting air that would otherwise impact the torso. This increased aerodynamic protection results in a more comfortable ride and reduced fatigue, especially during long journeys or at higher speeds. It features two main edges and a lateral cut that echoes the shape of the Diavel V4’s tank, creating a seamless integration with the motorcycle.

Available in light smoke, dark smoke, clear, and matte black, the Diavel V4 Adjustable Windscreen offers owners a premium option when seeking to elevate their riding experience, combining practicality, style, and comfort in a single, innovative accessory.


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