Alpinestars Tech-Air 7x

Alpinestars Tech-Air 7x

The Alpinestars Tech-Air 7x is the latest addition to the Tech-Air family, replacing the Tech-Air RACE system, as the most advanced autonomous airbag system for motorcyclists.

Alpinestars has launched the all-new autonomous motorcycling airbag system called Tech-Air 7x. This latest addition to the Alpinestars Tech-Air family is designed for road racing competitions and provides full coverage protection for the upper body, including full back, full chest, collar bones, and shoulders. The 7x system replaces the Tech-Air RACE and is a demonstration of the brand’s commitment to making the most versatile airbag technology products in the industry.

One of the key features of the 7x system is its integration with Alpinestars Tech-Air compatible garments for increased practicality and comfort. It can be easily attached to select Alpinestars racing leather suits and jackets, and it is also compatible with garments as a stand-alone Tech-Air vest with a converter kit included in the package. The Tech-Air 7x supports dual deployments, and the rider can replace the canisters for the first four deployments before sending it in for full service and airbag bladder replacement.

1Alpinestars Tech-Air 7x

The Tech-Air 7x also includes the convenience feature of a USB-C charging port located in the activation flap on the chest, which is easily accessible even when the system is integrated inside a suit or jacket. This feature makes charging the system more convenient and hassle-free.

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