Arai Helmet Spoiler EX2 Corsair-X

NEW ISH – Increasing the stability of the Arai Corsair-X with the new Arai Spoiler EX2

The new Arai Spoiler EX2 presents benefits for both track and street riders.

If you are looking to increase the stability and aerodynamics while minimizing head wobble at speed, of your Arai Corsair-X helmet, Arai’s new Spoiler EX2 is your answer.

The Spoiler EX2 was engineered to increase the stability and aerodynamic efficiency of the helmet for the rider while traveling at speed. Visually, it does not disrupt the aesthetics of the Corsair-X as it follows the profile of the helmet. It is important to note the spoiler is an “add-on” component and is not permanently attached to the helmet, therefore it will not compromise the structure of the helmet that it is attached to if it experiences duress.

Arai Helmet Spoiler EX2 Corsair-X

Street riders will also note the difference of increased stability, as reported by Arai’s test riders. Their remarks included, “stability in turbulent air (like when passing a truck) as well as reduced buffeting at the upper limits of legal street speeds.”

Price: $50.85

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