Wooden Knee Puck Sliders

Wooden Knee Puck Sliders from MOTO-D Racing


The MOTO-D Racing Wooden Knee Puck Sliders last longer than traditional plastic knee sliders.

The MOTO-D Knee Pucks Sliders are a radically different type of knee slider. Constructed from exotic Birch tree wood, they offer a premium experience as an extremely smooth slider, superior to traditional plastic pucks. These wood puck sliders last up to three times longer than the plastic knee sliders, as well. The MOTO-D pucks are affixed atop a genuine leather-backing with a strong and durable velcro connection for secure placement to your leathers. These high-performance wooden knee puck sliders are a top choice among racers worldwide and the longest-lasting puck sliders available on the market.

Wooden Knee Puck Sliders

Price: $49.99
Contact: www.motodracing.com

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