The Show: Garwood Custom Cycles’
“Old Skool”

Class is in session with Garwood Custom Cycles and their custom built Suzuki GSXR 1000.

It’s nice to reminisce and to think back on fond memories. In the postmodern “bling” age, it is essential to remember the point of origin for authentic motorcycle customs.

Not so much to a simpler time, but when things weren’t so complicated. Before the age of bling and all things bright and shiny, the custom bike building game wasn’t that complicated. You were good, or you weren’t. You were in, or you were out. There was no taking shelter behind the smoke and mirrors of “when in doubt, chrome it out.” Don’t get me wrong, when appropriate, as an accent, chrome has its place. But when overused, it’s overkill. 

The team at Garwood Customs Cycles can attest to the fundamentals of true craftsmanship. The theory of scratching the surface and finding a more profound meaning as opposed to there being absolutely nothing underneath. No point, no purpose, no soul. Nothing. As builders, GCC has proven time and time again the importance of developing brand value and allowing their work to speak for itself. The crew themselves are quite mild, borderline shy. As a team, they modestly take a step back and let their bikes take center stage. And as it should be, the bikes they build, speak volumes, silencing would-be naysayers. 

The aesthetics of this particular build are a result of a properly executed theme and concept forged with talent, ability, and experience — the foresight and knowledge of knowing when enough is just right. The understanding of pushing the envelop but not going over the edge. It is blatant, pure, and unadulterated maturity. Yes, maturity as it relates to the custom bike world. Perhaps a custom bike’s namesake has never been so appropriate. 

“Old Skool” is a primed representation of not just returning to the point of origin for real customs. It predicts the future of the culture. On the verge of a custom bike building renaissance, “Old Skool” dips into the past visually and metaphorically while projecting the new and the next… In essence, this bike is more than a problem; it’s a game-changer. 

Class is in session. I hope you’re paying attention.

Bike Name: Old Skool

Base Make/Model/Year: 2006 Suzuki GSXR 1000

Engine/Power Upgrades: K&N Air Filter, Bazzaz Box, 40HP Nitrous Kit

Brakes: Performance Machine Rear Braking System, Roaring Toyz Racer Front Rotor

Exhaust: VooDoo Exhaust

Wheels: 17×3.5, 18×10.5 Performance Machine Machine Heathen Wheels, Custom Gold added by Garwood Custom Cycles

Tires: Avon 120/60/17 front, 300/35/VR18 rear

Suspension: AirFX Air Ride

Swingarm: C&S Custom Single Side 300

Custom/One Off Accessories: Yanashiki Pounder Grips, Shortee Race Levers, Spike Kit, Voodoo Adjustable Front Foot Peg Assemblies, Frame Plugs, Spike Fork Caps and Axle Caps, Yanashiki Triple Tree, Tribal Kickstand, Ultra Bright Yellow Light by Garwood Custom with three-way remote control, Headlight Halos, Custom Leather Seat by Shawn’s Custom Seats

Built By: Garwood Custom Cycles

Paint By: By Neyon Pain

Owner: Alejandro Quinones

Images: Blair Phillips

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