Slingshot Owners Get Their Own Official Club.

Polaris Slingshot launches an official owners club for the Slingshot.

Polaris has announced the creation of Club Slingshot, a national owners group designed to embrace and encourage the community of Slingshot owners in the United States. Over the next year, 25,000 new and used Slingshot owners will receive a complimentary one-year membership. Included among the benefits of membership are special offers, invitations to special events and rides and the first edition of the Slingshot owners Magazine.

“Since the introduction of Slingshot in late 2014, we have seen an organic establishment of owners who share the same passion for the brand and their vehicle. We felt the time was right to establish a national owners group to celebrate and provide further value to Slingshot owners,” said Josh Fulkerson, Slingshot Sr. Director. “Club Slingshot is more than a membership group. It’s a community of people who have fun owning their Slingshot, want to share memorable experiences and establish relationships that can last a lifetime. They are connected by simply enjoying the Slingshot life.”

To receive your first year of complimentary membership, all new and used owners are encouraged to visit and click on the “check your membership” link to confirm your eligibility.



1 thought on “Slingshot Owners Get Their Own Official Club.

  1. Bummer…
    (Inadvertent?) False Advertising…
    *Polaris* SlingShot Tadpoles are getting clicks from people interested in Suzuki GSX-R SlingShot Motorcycles… in a Sport*BIKE* Magazine, of all places…
    (Not *Trike*…)

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