Not all heroes wear capes, but some will ride Slingshots

Polaris Slingshot is rewarding the unsung heroes that are going above and beyond during this global time of need.

Is there someone that you know, that deserves to be acknowledged for their incredible sense of humanity while we deal with this COVID-19 virus? During this pandemic, so many have stepped up and have done more than most others would, perhaps at great sacrifice to themselves. Well, from now until June 3, 2020, Polaris Slingshot is looking to our community to share stories of these superheroes in our lives. Of the submitted nominees, four will be selected to receive a three month, free rental of a 2020 Polaris Slingshot.

Who’s eligible? Anyone that has made a positive impact on your life during these trying times. You can submit online or you can post to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter using the hashtag #SlingshotSuperhero. In the post, submitters should explain the heroโ€™s story and how they are battling through adversity, lending support, or committed to their trade. Several submissions will be highlighted throughout the program. One winning submission will be awarded every two weeks until early June 2020.

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