MotoGP: What If?

With the 2018 MotoGP starting this weekend, B.T. runs through a number of scenarios for your reading pleasure.

Words: B.T.
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What if? This has always been a great conversation starter, because of the varying degrees of scenarios it can encompass. It can be used for positivity… “What if instead of spankings we taught children how to meditate?” It can be used for incredible parent scenario purposes… “What if everybody jumped off a building, would you jump too?” Or simple elements of fantasy… “What if there was life on other planets, how long do you think it would take for us to ruin their planet?”

In terms of the upcoming 2018 MotoGP season, the “what ifs” are endless. And depending on who and what you are a fan of, they could provide for a more than entertaining season.

Here are a few of what I consider the most important “what ifs” for the 2018 season and the probable outcome. Of course, it’s impossible to predict the hypothetical, but along with “what if” comes its sister outcome, “probable”. So without further adieu…

1. What if Marquez wins his seventh title this year? This could really be a thing. Marquez is at the top of his game right now. I believe after last year’s record-breaking crash fest, he realizes his body won’t hold up in his later years, so he is now smarter. He will try finding a balance between his 2016 “play it safe, get the points” approach and his 2017 “Hell bent for leather” approach. Jorge Lorenzo adopted the former approach after numerous highlight reel crashes and it didn’t stop him from capturing titles. “Smarter not harder” is the approach I see Marquez slowly adopting and if he captures a seventh title this season, I believe we could see a period of dominance like none other in recent seasons. Athletes are optimists. They are trained in positivity. They see the glass as half full. But another season of Marquez dominance and this could eat away at a riders psyche and also from a fans point of view… “Why watch.  Marquez is just gonna win anyway!” But with Marquez, it’s like watching an infant try to walk. You have to watch, because anything could happen. And it most likely does.

2. What if The Doctor decides to retire after this season? I know, “Perish the thought…” But it could happen. If he feels he’s not competitive or another crash that takes him out for an extended period of time. What happens to MotoGP? If he announces during the season, you would see record attendance at all of the circuits, with people wanting a chance to see “The Doctor” one last time. Again another positive for GP fans and the season.

3. What if we have a flashback to the 2016 season with at least or more than eight riders winning a race? This can only be a positive for MotoGP. This gives a “much watch” vibe approach every race. “Who’s it gonna be this week?” This is my favorite “what if” and with recent rule changes, I can see this happening. Parity in sport is a good thing and with MotoGP, it is an even better thing. Who wouldn’t want to see a four-rider battle for the championship in Valencia? I know I would and I’m assuming every true GP fan would also…



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