Circuit of the Americas closed, indefinitely

COTA, like many other venues, relies on revenue from events being held on or at their grounds. But what do you do when there are no events for the foreseeable future?

The pandemic has had an impact on the globe, drastically changing, if not stopping life as we know it. With the sport of motorcycle racing coming to an abrupt pause, in some cases right in the middle of a race event weekend, such as the 79th Daytona 200, it was only a question of time before the trickle-down effect would come into play.

With this weekend, April 3 – 5, slated for race action in Austin, Texas for the US round of MotoGP and what would have been the opening round of the 2020 MotoAmerica season, another victim of this crisis has been struck.

The Circuit of the Americas announced that they are closing their doors, indefinitely.

COTA, like many other venues, relies on revenue from events being held on or at their grounds, including everything from races, concerts, festivals and everything in between.

Resulting from the concerns for public health, a well-advised call for social distancing, and a would-be a government-mandated “stay at home” order, hosting any large gathering of people at any venue, in any country or anywhere for that matter, is impossible.

We understand. But as race fans and supporters of the sport, it still stings a little bit, if not a lot. Originally, Dorna announced that the US GP round was going to be postponed until November of this year. With this announcement from COTA, that seems unlikely.

4 thoughts on “Circuit of the Americas closed, indefinitely

    1. Jake, nowhere in the post do I mention that COTA is closed for good. The operative word here is “indefinitely” as in for the foreseeable future, they are closed with no predetermined date to reopen. I appreciate the read and the comment.

  1. I just received email from COTA- the MotoGP is rescheduled for November 13-15. I feel like this article is a little misleading.

    1. In the article, I state that the US round is postponed until November. The new date for the US round doesn’t change the matter that they are currently closed, indefinitely because, without races, concerts, games, etc… the venue serves almost no purpose, sadly. There also is the matter of the state of the rest of the world. If Texas is still under a “stay at home” order, then COTA will still not be able to open their doors until that is lifted. Then there is the question of international travel restrictions, etc. There are a lot of moving parts here. COTA isn’t the only track that has fallen victim to the impact of the pandemic. Thank you for reading and for the comment.

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