2024 Superbike-Coach Schedule

2024 Superbike-Coach Schedule Unveiled


Superbike-Coach has announced its 2024 class schedule with a unique range of classes and programs for both street and track riders.

Superbike-Coach has recently unveiled its 2024 class schedule, which offers new advantages and opportunities to street and track day riders. The riding school now provides photography at all classes and events, and the track fee comes included in their Cornering School program. Additionally, they offer complimentary snacks, coffee, and drinks throughout the day. Superbike-Coach has a unique range of classes and renowned 1-on-1 programs for both track and street riders. Their schedule includes Cornering School Days, a new Track Day and Class, a new Track Rookie Class at Thunderhill Raceway, a Body Position and Knee Down Class, a new Track Academy at Thunderhill Raceway, a Road Skill 1-on-1 coaching, a Wheelie Course, a Track Drill 1-on-1 coaching, a Supermotard 1-on-1 class, a Supermoto Class and Race, a Basic Rider 1-on-1, a Suspension Workshop and Track Time. There are new Group Events that include individual classes for all motorcycle clubs, group members, companies, dealerships, and corporate organizations.

2024 Superbike-Coach Schedule

The 2024 season class event schedule is jam-packed with exciting classes and events. The Cornering School starts at Little 99 Raceway on January, 14, followed by Cornering School at Little 99 Raceway on January, 21. The schedule also includes a dedicated Nor Cal Ducati Facebook members class, a Road Skill Class at Foothills, a Body Position and Knee Down Class, a Wheelie Course, a variety of Cornering School Days, a Track Day and Track Rookie Class at Thunderhill West Raceway, Track Drill at Thunderhill East Raceway, and more. The season closes with Cornering School at Little 99 Raceway on December 8, 2024.

2024 Superbike-Coach Schedule

For more information about the classes or schedule, please visit www.superbike-coach.com or contact them via email at info@superbike-coach.com.


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