The New York Safety Track opens in 2013

2.1 miles of new road course asphalt is about to open to the riding public in New York State. Roughly 2 hours from Manhattan, in Davenport at Mountain Top Airport, the NYST is scheduled to open in Spring of 2013.

NYST has linked up with Team ProMotion who will be hosting Track Day Events and Race Schools when the track opens.

“Team Pro-Motion is proud to officially announce a new track opening shortly in New York. We’ve clocked the trip from NYC to the location in about 2.5 hours from NYC, making it the closest track to the city and very easy to find. The environment is absolutely stunning, peaceful and inspired by nature, with trees and grass surrounding the course. The place is a true rider’s paradise having all the features of a top notch European racetrack combined with calm NY upstate twisting back-roads” – Bill Sink, Team ProMotion’s Site Operations Manager.

The New York Safety Track is scheduled to open in Spring of 2013

New York Safety Track Overview:

Length: 2.1 miles

40 ft. wide front straight (2300 ft.)

35 ft. wide track everywhere else

Clockwise and counter-clockwise rotation

Over 75+ feet of run off area

450 feet of elevation change throughout the course

Electricity and full phone reception for ALL carriers

Showers and food stations with picnic tables

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