Arch Motorcycle: The Becoming.

Arch Motorcycle: American Exotic.

Words: Allan Lane
Images: Arch Motorcycle, Marcus Eriksson, Jordan Pay

There is something about the manner in which that descriptive phrase rolls off of the tongue. There’s a persuasive and seductive nature to it. The first time that I heard it, I had hoped that I wasn’t being set up for disappointment when I actually had the opportunity to lay eyes upon Arch Motorcycle’s KRGT-1. In the simplest sentiment, the machine was definitely a motorcycle, blossoming with exoticism and every bit American. The disappointment was removed from the equation.

Founded in 2011 by Gard Hollinger and Keanu Reeves, discussions of Arch traveled fast amongst motorcycle industry folk in the company’s early days. Partially for obvious reasons. More so for what the bike looked like and rumored performance abilities. Then there was the price tag. Arch was set from the start to build truly custom motorcycles for those looking for their very own, unique riding experience, unlike any other. You are not going see a fleet of KRGT-1’s roll into the local bike night.

In the last couple of years, Arch has strategically made steps into the industry spotlight. This past fall, Arch introduced there 2018 model lineup which included two all-new models, the 1s and the Method 143 at EICMA to the global motorcycle industry. With calculated caution, the company slowly began to show their hand beyond the scope of the inner industry. Often, the traditional route for building brand awareness is to distribute apparel and swag bearing the brand’s logo, soliciting across social media platforms and the like. The only Arch apparel that I’ve ever seen is a trucker hat adorn by one of the co-founders. That says a lot about what Arch Motorcycle and the breed of company that they are. To fine tune the distinction, we talked with Gard Hollinger, co-founder of Arch…



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