Ms. Keerati: A Major Key.

Never judge a rider by their social feed.

Words: Allan Lane
Images: Raul Gaina

One of the many lessons that I have learned in the motorcycle world is that one should never judge a book by their cover. In today’s social media climate, the sentiment remains the same: never judge a rider by their social feed.

Keerati Julsophon is an amalgam of elements. She’s a rider. A racer. A free spirit. The list goes on. She’s one-third of the Redline Ravens, a female riding group based out Southern California. The Redline Ravens and the global motorcycle community recently suffered a severe blow with the tragic loss of Annette Carrion. From the embers of that tragedy, Keerati has refocused her life and passion in a manner unrealized before. Inspired by the love and support that surrounds her, Ms. Keerati is now using her experience to encourage others to live their best lives, the fastest and safest way possible.

SBI: How did you get into motorcycles?
KJ: I started learning how to ride on a small bike in Thailand when I was around 12 years old. The kid who lived close by showed me how to ride it and how to shift gears. The bike was somewhat easy to learn on, so I decided to take my friend as a passenger around the neighborhood. I ended up dropping the bike while trying to turn. My tiny legs couldn’t hold the weight of two people and the bike, but luckily we weren’t going fast, so we just picked up it up from the floor and kept on riding. I was wearing shorts and flip flops. Talk about being a real squid.


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