Riding While Strapped: Carry Selection.

Riding While Strapped

A necessary conversation for those that carry a firearm while riding.

Words: Allan Lane//Images: Stacey Lane

Most people that own a gun are familiar with the acronym E.D.C. or every day carry. Depending upon which US state you reside, the right to carry a firearm concealed or open may be an option. Before I go any further, you may be asking why am I talking about firearms in a motorcycle magazine. The reality is that a large portion of the motorcycle community are not just legal gun owners, but are also legally licensed to carry.

I understand that this article and the subsequent series of follow up articles may upset and perhaps offend some readers. Please understand that is my intent, and I apologize beforehand if the subject matter isn’t your cup of tea. However, the right to defend oneself is just as prevalent while riding your bike as it is while driving your car or walking down the street or even while you are in your home. There are several factors that need to be addressed when riding while carried and a majority of the time, the conversation is never discussed. So let’s talk about it.

I live in Pennsylvania, an open carry state. It is legal for to ride my bike with my firearm, holstered on my hip except while I am within the limits of a first class city, such as Philadelphia as it has a population of one million or more. Within the limits of a first class city, I may still legally carry with my firearm concealed or hidden from plain sight. I strongly urge you before you consider riding while carrying or even if you already do, thoroughly investigate your state guns laws and your bill of rights as a legal gun owner. A little bit of research and understanding today can save a world of headache, drama, and frustration tomorrow. Knowledge is clutch.


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  1. I only know Allan Lane from Instagram, but I like what he has to say. Several of my friends and I carry when riding. You don’t know what can happen, you’re quite vulnerable out there, and if you have a break down, there you sit, often alone. Twice at my apartment some years ago, and once last fall coming home on a trip(in my pickup, I had to haul stuff), just having a gun in my hand prevented meth heads from bothering me. The first two in groups of 4 in the middle of the night, banging on my, door, the last one weird guy at the rest area I had to stop at. Had to stop at. Studies based on the FBI Uniform Crime Reports have shown that in the average year, over 800,000 a persons used a gun to prevent an assault of some kind. Obviously most of those go like mine did. But not all, so regardless of your feelings on the subject, it’s something everyone should think about, what’s real and what isn’t, and there is a lot of bad info going around these days, so be careful where you get it from.

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