Thailand and the Art of Motorcycles

Leticia Cline takes us on a moto tour of Thailand.

Words: Leticia Cline//Images: Illia Kifa

To be fortunate enough to visit Thailand, to eat in Thailand, and most importantly to ride in Thailand, is a deep dive into a rich and multi-textured culture that’s assured to leave your pallet, mind, and heart ablaze. 

Northern Thailand is largely overlooked by tourists in favor of the south, which is blessed with the kind of tropical, picturesque beaches often used as screensavers. And, while it’s a shame that the southern archipelago draws the vast majority of the tank top-sporting and backpack carrying crowd, it means there are plenty of untapped opportunities up north.

That’s where our tour begins. Chiang Mai, the glowing capital of the north, surrounded by the crumbling monasteries and ancient walls is the Old City center, a mixture of a laid-back vibe with a cracking night market, bustling ladyboy shows, amazing street food, and fish pedicurists. This city is built on a very old culture of flavors and colors ranging beyond the familiar spectrum and is a haven for peaceful contemplation in dozens of temples and shrines, from gilded palaces to secret grottoes. Basically, a place like this makes every person a poet.


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